Historic importance

Baška has an extremely impressive and ancient cultural heritage. Its cultural heritage combined with the wide range of services it offers definitely makes it one of the most interesting and alluring places on the Croatian Adriatic. Baška is famous in history for the well-known Baška tablet, but it has a range of other valuable cultural sites that deserve attention, such as the old town centre, the remains of a Roman settlement, and sacral-cultural memorials. Baška has a great many cultural features of interest, from old buildings and palaces to sacral monuments. We have chosen some of the most important ones: THE PARISH CHURCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY, THE CHURCH OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY MOTHER AT GORICA, THE ST MARK’S CHAPEL, THE BAŠKA TABLET, THE CHURCH OF ST. LUCY IN JURANDVOR, THE BAŠKA GLAGOLITIC PATH – BGS, THE BAŠKA HERITAGE MUSEUM, MRGARI.

Source: tz-baska.hr